Family Discount Program

Family Discount Program is created to provide savings on dental work needed. Families of any size can take advantage of the group savings offered within the discount program.

Family Discounts are offered for each member of the family. The discounts are equally applied to all members of the family once they join the program.See the discounts for each procedure

How Does It Work?

An account is created for you once you decide to join the Family Discount Program. The discounts are activated in your account once a second family member comes in for a checkup (X-Ray and exam) . See X-Ray and Exam Special for Family Discount Program below. No dental work is required for any family member joining your account.

Can I bring a family member on my first visit and receive the discount on my procedure?

Absolutely! You can come in with a family member on your first visit or procedure day, and have the discounts applied to your procedure instantly.

Receive the Discount or Use It as Credit for Your Next Visit

You have the option to use the discount instantly on any procedure done, or you can use it as a credit for your next appointment.

There is no limit on how many credits you can accumulate. This is a great option for people wishing to save their credits for emergency visits.

Family Discounts on Treatment Plans

Family discounts also apply to treatment plans chosen by each or some family members.

After examination, Dr. Rezvani will consult with you on your treatment plan options, and after choosing the right option for you, discounts will be applied.

X-Ray and Exam Special for the Family Program

Each family member joining the program receives a full X-Ray (X-Ray of all teeth) and an exam at the price of $49.

The first family member also receives a $49 full X-Ray and exam once a family account is created. You do not need to have a second family member with you in order to receive the discount.

Discount Rates

Composite Filling: 10%
Root Canal & Crown: 5%
Extractions: 10%
In-Office Whitening: 15%
Crown Replacement: 7%

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