Our Technology: Brand New Equipment

  • Digital X-Rays – Uses up to 90% less radiation than other conventional film X-Ray machines
  • Panoramic Imaging – Captures 3D views from single arch to full skull, and a broad array of desired fields in the range between
  • Zoom – less than one hour in-office teeth whitening
  • State of the Art procedures and Sterilization techniques

Take a Peak

We invite you to take a tour of our facility on your visit to see our technology in person!

State of the Art Dental Technology

We have utilized the latest in dental technology to ensure accurate diagnoses as well as comfort for our patients we consider as our family members.

Below are a glimpse of a few things that are offered to better serve you!

Digital X-Ray System

Digital X-Ray System uses up to 90% less radiation than other conventional film X-Ray machines, and it is an incredible tool of communication between you, the doctor as well as the our dental lab. This system is also utilized to show you the results of our dental work by comparing your before and after X-Ray Images.

  • Digital X-Ray requires 90% less radiation than conventional X-Rays
  • Your X-Ray is processed instantly, and it is ready to view
  • Your X-Ray is displayed in patient's monitor before and after your procedure
  • Your X-Rays are saved and are available to view in your next appointments

Panoramic Imagining System

Our brand new Panoramic Brand panoramic X-Ray Imagining machine allows the doctor to obtain a full mouth X-Ray. Full mouth X-Rays are highly recommended to be done at least every three years to assist with diagnosis of the following oral diseases:

  • Oral cancer
  • Presence of Gum disease
  • Detect Any Sinus problems
  • Identification of malocclusion
  • Jaw bone fractures

Digitally Operated and Controlled Sterilization System

Our main focus is on safety before anything else, and we make sure of that by implementation of the digitally operated and controlled Sterilization System. Please feel free to ask our dentist and staff to provide you a tour of our facility and the technologies implemented.


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