Shabnam Rezvani , DDS

The Doctor

Doctor Shabnam Rezvani graduated from University of Kiel School of Dentistry in Kiel, Germany w in 2002 with a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degree where she served as an instructor the following year after her graduation. After moving to Denver, Colorado Dr. Rezvani attended University of Colorado's School of Dentistry and earned her second DDS degree in the United States. During her last year at the University of Colorado, she traveled with group of fellow students on a volunteer mission to rural areas and provided health education to children and their parents.

Dr. Rezvani takes takes special pride in her work, and she ensures to stay up-to-date through continuing educational programs and self-study so she can provide the best care for her patients.

She enjoys readying, painting and considers herself an artist when it comes to the practice of dentistry. Since her experience working with kids in Denver, she has stayed active doing volunteer work by visiting schools to educate young adults of our next generation.

Dr. Rezvani is also Certified in Botulimum Toxin and Dermal Fillers and Philips Zoom.

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